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Celebrities like Ronan Keating, Catherine Zeta Jones and Britney Spears have all experienced how effective tooth whitening can be and it is one of the most popular specialities with consumers today. But what exactly is tooth whitening, what is involved and is it suitable for all?


Tooth colour is a very individual thing: it can darken as we get older and is affected by food and drinks like tea, coffee, red wine and by smoking. Whitening can be a really effective way to lighten your teeth by a number of shades, although it won’t dramatically change your tooth colour.


Professional whitening by your dentist involves application of a treatment to the teeth. Your dentist will fit a custom made tooth shield or tray over the top and apply a rubber gel or shield to protect your gums. Treatment takes place over a few weeks and you continue applying the treatment at home to see a gradual whitening. Laser or ‘power whitening’ requires your dentist to first assess your teeth to see if this treatment is suitable for them.


It involves painting the chemical on to your teeth and then shining a light or laser on to them. Our new Zoom2 system will greatly aid this process! This activates the chemical and speeds up the reaction. The effect is very quick, lightening the colour of your teeth by about five or six shades in around an hour. How long the effect of treatment lasts varies: it won’t last as long if you smoke or your teeth come into contact with staining foods and drinks often. Some people may experience side effects which are usually temporary. They can include sensitivitiy to extreme temperature, white patches on the gums and gum discomfort. See your dentist if symptoms last longer than a few days. Contact us to see which whitening option suits you.

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