Cosmetic Dentistry

White Fillings

If you have unsightly ‘black/silver’ amalgam fillings these can now be replaced with white fillings. They are long-lasting, natural looking and are very strong. They are also the ideal option if you are at all worried about the potential risks of mercury.



A crown is an artificial cover used to replace missing portions of teeth. The crown ‘caps’ a tooth in order to restore or improve the shape, size and appearance of the tooth. Crowns are increasingly used in cosmetic dentistry where there may be used to cover badly shaped or discoloured teeth.



Bridges can be best described as mountings for artificial teeth that are attached at one or both ends to natural teeth. They can be used to replace one or more teeth. When missing teeth are replaced with a bridge, the adjacent teeth require crowns in order to support the replacement teeth.



Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain shaped to fit over your teeth thus covering any imperfections and delivering a "perfect smile". They come in many shades and are very long lasting.



Bad Teeth



Perfect Smile